The Pinehouse Photography Club (PPC)

Therapeutic Photography

Formation: 2017

Founded in Saskatchewan, Canada
The Pinehouse Photography Club was established in 2017 by Dre Erwin, a primary care RN(AAP) in Pinehouse Lake. Under the Canadian Photohealth Authority, the PPC is a nonprofit organization in northern Saskatchewan whose goal is to help heal and transform lives in its remote community through the use of therapeutic photography. The club was created to help young people through the use of therapeutic photography who are at risk for mental health problems and addictions. It has been shown that using photography as a form of therapy helps start the conversation about mental health, where words can be more difficult to use.[3] 

The club

The club focuses on helping young people learn photography while using it as a tool to help them see the beauty in life. Suicide deaths are some of the most preventable in children and youths if their mental health is taken seriously and invested in.[4] The club's main objective is to help change the way young people see their lives. They use therapeutic photography techniques as a means to prevent mental health problems and/or addiction.[5]


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