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Dre Erwin grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan.

After serving 3 years in the Canadian Armed Forces,

Dre decided it would be better to save lives, rather than take them away. With some time helping his grandma, it was clear the medical field was where he belonged.

Therefore, Dre spent 4 years in College and obtained his Bachelor Science in Nursing and worked a variety of places from home care, med/surg, eventually working at the Pasqua hospital in ICU for 4 years.

Having worked over 10 years in ICU and ER between Regina and Moose Jaw, he decided a change was needed and moved to Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan after obtaining his AAP license and is currently working as a primary care RNAAP.

Dre is in the process of getting his masters as a Nurse Practitioner.

About Dre Erwin Photography

Although photography has always been an interest of Dre's, it wasn't until May 2015 when he decided to dust off his camera. It was a warm summer day and he went out to take pictures of an old barn, when a severe thunderstorm rolled in and he was stuck in the middle of a tornado! By himself stuck in a farmers field with no where to run or hide, he had to face his fears.  It was the the adrenaline rush of almost being thrown around and severely injured when Dre got hooked on photography.

Since getting into photography, Dre has won a few awards including 4 nationals through Canadian Pacific Railways, and has had numerous pictures highlighted in local papers, magazines, and on Global news. Before moving from Moose Jaw, Dre also was working with the Time Herald as a contributing photographer.


Dre often donates his photography to charities and just causes, including the Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert and the Humane Society.


Today, his photography is used to inspire anyone, to give hope, value, and appreciation for what we have. To look for beauty everyday, wherever we are.

Currently he is working towards inspiring the youth in northern communities.

Please enjoy!

Pinehouse Lake
Dre Erwin Prince Albert Times Herald
Dre Erwin

Here you can find some of the photographs, videos and work he has done. Most prints may be purchased upon request.

All calendar sale proceeds are going towards families in Pinehouse that may be less fortunate.


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