The Little Boy Who Found Happiness, in the Most Unusual Place" debut Sept 1, 2020.

"See the world through a new lens and see beauty! Guarantee! So many things we take for granted, but pictures help us see".

Based on a true story, Dre Erwin's inspiring photography and illustration book in both English and Cree, is for readers of all ages offers a touching heartening journey.

With photos from the youth in Pinehouse, illustrations, editing and reviews by hundreds of youth Dre and his team help in northern Canada, The little Boy who Found Happiness, in the most Unusual Place, is a must for every bookshelf. The book follows a young man's journey through loss and sadness and how he finds happiness and hope through friendship, guidance, support and creativity. As a primary care RN (AAP) in northern Canada, Dre uses photography and preventative health care through the use of therapeutic photography and primary health care.

Dre Erwin's incomparable career as a Primary Care Nurse and now children's book author and illustrator focuses on the work he does with his team, with youth and preventative youth mental health. Dre and his work, along with the Pinehouse Photography Club(PPC) has been featured on Global National News, CBC: The National, and is the focus of conversation in the CBC award winning documentary "A New Lens on Life".

Please consider purchasing your own copy on paperback or as an ebook. Most proceeds will go directly to programming for youth and looking broadly, expanding therapeutic photography clubs across Saskatchewan, Canada, and abroad.

Thank You.

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